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by Calla Eris Orion



Our screen-centric modern world has replaced our natural means of achieving solace and now we're creating desire faster than we can soothe it.


This silence places itself upon my shoulders like a shrug
I came to life before your eyes, then just became another drug
I hardly keep, I'm falling deep and I unplug

My innocent descent from heaven caused my mind and frame to rot
I caught on fire from all the lies I told the last fire I had caught
I hardly keep, I'm falling deep into my

Thoughts arise and swirl around me cauterized by heat and light
They flicker flames that fan the every favor good for this sore sight
Deserved scenes disperse to screens unearthed as dreams of youth
A new illusion sent to screw with my lopsided sense of truth
Dry as a bone
I have no home

This island side half-slides into the bright and ocean-wide
I try to grip the surface still it slips and pulls a backslide
I hardly keep, I'm falling deep into the tide


released January 24, 2019
drums by Justin Emile Shapiro
bass by Jon York


all rights reserved



Calla Eris Orion

Calla Eris Orion do music thing often. Pay attention to music thing for further knowing.

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