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by Calla Eris Orion



A sweet little psych ballad about raising a family.


Uncovered love in a backseat fire
Hot light reigns over perspirations and persuasions through speaker wire
One hand craves a way to slide beside the hip
Wet the tip and let it slip into the holy place where height gets higher

Hollow halls to hold a life like a champagne glass full of ghosts
Raise a palm and play the host
Follow faults in fold and fulfill a meaning meant to swell the head
Drop a seed and lift the dead

Oh my God, we've hit the house
She says and stumbles down, belly round, onto the ground
What were you thinking?
These are our hard times
Babe there's no flag we can't raise, and no hill that we can't climb
Then we coat our lungs with a tar like taffy
We sit under the Apple tree
And look up at the stars
Even now with daylight down the rind
I can't keep an eye of mine off of
The lines in all her scars

Crying out for everyone to know
You are beautiful every day you glow
Rise against the suffering you allow for you
Find out a fearlessness that feels true

Climb climb climb out of your wet womb
Climb climb climb down to your dark tomb

Smeared skin on death bed
With the youth all bent around
Wringing hands and ringing ears
And wedding bands and heavy sound
Dark obelisk that blacks my vision of the bloom
Take the light and take the soul, but leave this body in the room


released February 28, 2019
Drums by Justin Emile Shapiro
Bass and Synth by Jon York


all rights reserved



Calla Eris Orion

Calla Eris Orion do music thing often. Pay attention to music thing for further knowing.

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